When businesses are looking to buy, can they find you?

I met with a client last week regarding phone and internet service for their new office. The opportunity came from a long time referral partner that sells hardware all over Wisconsin, but is based out of Milwaukee.

The meeting went very well and the client was “warmed-up” by the hardware vendor’s prequalification and by him recommending me to his prospect and setting the stage for what I do. I’ve earned the clients business and we are moving forward with coordinating the new PRI, POTs lines and internet T1. But this isn’t the point of the story…

The part that concerned me about what this client was working with is that the client is local to me and my office, but when they researched local phone equipment vendors online, they didn’t find one single phone vendor in their city when I know and work with 9 of them on a regular basis. The 3 vendors that provided the client with equipment quotes were from an hour or more away and I know that one of them is winning the business.

So, the point of the story is…how are you listed and represented online, on a website or linked to other vendors you work with? It’s a shame to have lost a $15k phone equipment sale to vendors from outside your home market.

It’s like the visiting team winning the homecoming game without your team getting the chance to show up and play.

When businesses are looking to buy, can they find you?