Self marketing might be the most important kind

What story do you tell yourself about yourself?

I know that marketers tell stories. We tell them to clients, prospects, bosses, suppliers, partners and voters. If the stories resonate and spread and seduce, then we succeed.

But what about the story you tell yourself?

Do you have an elevator pitch that reminds you that you're a struggling fraud, certain to be caught and destined to fail? Are you marketing a perspective and an attitude of generosity? When you talk to yourself, what do you say? Is anyone listening?

You've learned through experience that frequency works. That minds can be changed. That powerful stories have impact.

I guess, then, the challenge is to use those very same tools on yourself.

Is everything perfect?

Greetings have traditionally been an acknowledgment of the other person. "I see you." "Hello." "Greetings."

Then, we moved on to, "how are you?" or even, "how's business?"

Recently, though, our performance-obsessed, live-forever society has morphed the greeting into something like, "please list everything going on in your life that isn't as perfect as it should be."

In a business setting, this causes bad prioritization decisions. The owner of the bar says to the manager, "how was the night?" and the response is, "the cash register came up $8 short." Suddenly, there's an urgent problem to be solved. How to replace the eight dollars and who do we fire?

If the question instead had been, "what's up?" (as in literally up) the answer might have been, "well, there's a big party at table 12, another going away party. They've been buying champagne all night. And Mary told me she set a new record for tips. And the new beer we added on tap is..."

Highlighting what's working helps you make that happen more often.

Perfect is overrated. Perfect doesn't scale, either.

I'm not proposing you endorse theft or ignore the bad news. But it's clear that one more going away party on table 12 is going to make up for that one piece of bad news, every time.

On Track & Charter Business

Good afternoon current and potential Partners,

If you haven't already heard, On Track Communications is pleased to announced they have been chosen as 1 of only 2 organization in Wisconsin to be named an Authorized Charter Business Partner.

This program is a first for Charter and that it allows On Track to be able to pass along a considerable monthly residual to our partners. We have access to Charters entire product set and have a dedicated agent sales and order processing department.

The existing Charter referral partner program still exists, where when a lead is given to a direct Charter Sales Rep, the referring partner can receive a one-time upfront commission equal to the client monthly recurring charges, but our program pays for the life of the client, which is roughly 360% more commission.

Our goal of course, is to sell as many bundled products to our clients, most importantly voice & data. Data being the prevalent product. We can also sell additional services to existing Charter clients. We've seen great strides from Charter in getting clients, outside of the metro areas.

Please don't hesitate to call or email if you have a client that you feel Charter would be a good fit for.

Jerel "JR" Ewings Director of Partner Sales
On Track Communications, Inc.
608-516-8396 – office
866-507-5826 - efax

FW: PAETEC July Agent Training Schedule

In an effort to continue giving you the tools you need to successfully grow and manage your PAETEC base of business, we bring you our Weekly Webinar Series full of information on the latest products, services and applications.

Coming up this month we are offering:

July Webinar Series (All times 12pm to 1pm CST):

  • Wednesday, July 7th, 2010 - Web Conferencing
  • Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 - IP SIMPLE
  • Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 - CPE Firewall
  • Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 - PAETEC Online A-Z
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