PAETEC Named to the Fortune 1000

It was announced in May that PAETEC has made it into the Fortune 1,000 List of America’s Largest Companies. This growth has been tremendous in the 12 years since we started. Our culture of open communication, personalized solutions, unmatched service and caring about people is just as strong now as ever. As a $1.58B company we still answer the phone within 4 rings with a real person (as opposed to an auto attendant) at one of our 3 US based Network Operation Centers over 80% of the time. We still believe that our customers should have access to senior management making sure that all of our customers receive an escalation list that includes the cell phone numbers of all managers and VPs involved. There is security for our customers knowing that we continue to grow and thrive in an industry where even some of the longest standing competitors are being swallowed up.

All the best!

Julie Babiracki
Agent Channel Manager