Represented Carriers in Wisconsin

If at anytime you are looking for service from one of these carriers or are unhappy with any of these carriers, please give me a call and I can assist you with new pricing, alternate options and contract negotiations.

Paetec Prices - ENDING!!!

Paetec is almost complete with the McLeod integration. One of the final tasks is to integrate the pricing and pricing applications. All currently quoted Paetec pricing from the McLeod Legacy network will expire 12-31-08 unless preapproved.

So please make sure all outstanding proposals are close by year end or get the requests to me ASAP for a pricing extension.

New Construction...

Did you know that the ILEC is no longer responsible for establishing a DMARC, running cable to the building from the pedistal and doing cross connects for clients. (Jan 05)

If you are working with a client that is constructing a new building, you/they will need to contact the ILEC to have a DMARC installed. That could run between $5,000 and $10,000.

But I have the solution...

After working with multiple vendors and clients in the past 8 years getting new buildings established with telecom and internet services, I have a proven process to get a building's DMARC established, fire alarm lines installed and a new billing telephone number at a very minimal charge...all at the same time.

Call me for more details and to help get your clients taken care of.

T1 Internet Anywhere!!

ACC Business, a dedicated internet sales division of AT&T can provide dedicated T1 internet access to anywhere in the US within 25 miles from the nearest AT&T POP for:
  • $490.00 - 1.5mb unmanaged
  • $502.00 - 1.5mb managed w/equipment

This is a great option for client just outside the standard "LEC" area or competitive markets like Madison, the Fox Valley, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, Chicago or outlying areas. Perfect target areas are 25 miles from:

  • LaCrosse, WI
  • Eau Claire, WI
  • Stevens Point, WI
  • Sheboygan, WI
  • Green Bay, WI
  • Appleton, WI
  • Madison, WI
  • Wausau, WI
  • Kalamazoo, MI
  • Lansing, MI
  • Grand Rapids, MI

Other ways to target these markets would be to find the CenturyTel, Verizon and independent teleco markets.

AT&T WinBack - ENDING!!!!


Just an FYI: Effective 1-2-09 AT&T’s Custom BizSaver Pricing “WINBACK” ends.

If you have any outstanding quotes for WinBack pricing, please do your best to close those deals. If you need any assistance, please contact me anytime.

Who's my carrier?

to find who your carrier or clients carriers are:
  • INTRA-lata: dial (608) 700-4141

  • INTER-state: dial (700) 555-4141

  • number calling from: dial (800)-444-4444

Norlight Telecommunications

Did you know...
Norlight has been offering Dynamic Voice & Data Services in Wisconson for over 1 year?

Norlight, the Guardians of Data, are offering the "Q-Link Plus" Integrated/Dynamic PRI's in select markets starting at $475.00. The bundle includes:
  • 23 Dynamic PRI Voice Channels
  • Unlimited Local Calling
  • A bundle of long distance & toll free minutes
  • DID numbers
  • 1.5mb Dynamic Internet bandwidth

There are also faster speeds available.

Norlight is known for their great customer service and 98% customer satisfaction rating.

Don't hesitate to call today for a free quote. 608-516-8396 or email

Also, do you know how large Norlights network is? Take a look at their network map:

Telecom Recovery

On Track Communications and Telecom Recovery have partnered to give you the resource to provide your clients, big and small, the ability to have a completely automated telecom recovery system.

I just completed the training and the products, features and abilities of this service are incredible. For a small monthly fee, your clients can have a real-time, fully customizable, virtual PBX that can route calls to any source immediately.

The core capabilities of this service are for disaster recovery, but inherent to the service are conference calling, voice cast, text message notification and integrated voicemail with email.

If anyone has clients in the following industries: Healthcare, Banking, Financial, Call Centers, Insurance or any other companies where their inbound voice services are mission critical to their every day operations, please contact them for a demo of the service. A full meeting and demo takes less than 60 minutes.

Please call 608-516-8396 or email to let me know when we can schedule some appointments.

AT&T's IP Flex - Dynamic PRI

AT&T IP Flexible Reach Integrated/Dynamic PRI's are now available in McFarland, WI, Middleton, WI & Sun Priarie, WI. Prices start at $440.00 for:

  • 6 PRI Voice Channels

  • Unlimited Local Calling

  • 1800mn of Long Distance

  • DID numbers

  • 1.5mb Dynamic Internet Access

Call for details 608-516-8396 or email

$120 Million in Cash

Although Paetec’s common stock price has declined significantly, they firmly believe that their financial position is solid, and they have an outstanding value proposition. Paetec has worked very hard for many years to achieve that position and they are positioned to continue to do so. In this kind of environment, there are a few points every customer should know. Specifically:
  • Paetec continues to have the cash needed to run the business and to continue to provide unmatched service to their customers. They have generated positive free cash flow, measured as adjusted EBITDA* less capital expenditures, for 22 consecutive quarters through the second quarter of fiscal 2008. Paetec is very focused on continuing this performance.
  • They have had no problem servicing their debt and meeting their other obligations from the cash that they generate and from cash on hand.
  • They have substantial cash on hand. They have more than $120 million of cash on hand after giving effect to their drawdown on October 15, 2008 of $50 million in cash under their existing revolving credit facility.
  • They refinanced their credit facility debt in February 2007, and sold all of their outstanding 9.5% senior notes in July 2007, in each case, on terms that they believe provide significant financial and operating flexibility. The term and revolving loans under their credit facility and the notes represent substantially all of their long-term debt, and they believe they are positioned to continue to service these obligations

"Game Changers"

Some of the One Communications new products new offerings. They are truly “Game Changers”.

  • One Communications now has SIP available in 1.5Mb increments (48 concurrent calls on 1.5MB) up to 45MB.
  • One Communications now has standard MPLS pricing across their entire network and have the ability to sell this nationwide for off-net location in other states (CA, NV, etc. etc.)
  • One Communications also has a Converged offering for Integrated T-1’s starting with 1.5MB up to 45MB - For instance, 1.5MB MPLS circuit (including loop, port, Cisco IAD. CoS, etc.) is $370. A Bonded 3MB integrated circuit in Ohio is $720 including surcharges (pick any amount of voice channels and the data will burst to 3MB when voice is not in use).
  • SIP Trunks are $400 for 1.5MB (48 concurrent calls).
  • A New Converged T-1 is $400 (integrated with dynamic bandwidth) including surcharges. You can do 1 voice and 23 data bursting to 1.544MB or 12 and 12, or 23 and 1. You can also offer a PRI on this as well...for the same cost.

EFS (Equipment for Service)

Call ME Today to Find Out How You Can Upgrade and Save!
Take advantage of the Economic Stimulus Act
and upgrade your equipment while saving bottom-line expenses.

“In 2008, businesses can write off twice as much equipment acquisition costs as an expense rather than depreciating the purchase over several years, with qualification extending to almost all tangible corporate property.” – MonitorDaily
For more information about the Economic Stimulus Act, visit the IRS Website.

Whether your business is looking to upgrade existing or purchase new equipment, PAETEC can help. Through our established relationships with industry leaders such as Allworx, Avaya, Cisco, and ADTRAN, our representatives have the knowledge and financing tools to help your business remain competitive, even in today’s uncertain economic climate.

Equipment for Services (EFS) Program - To make it even easier to afford your network and equipment upgrades, PAETEC has an innovative financing program. Paetec's Equipment for Services (EFS) program has funded over $60 million in equipment and software over the past decade, and enables your business to upgrade existing equipment and software with minimal or no capital outlay by leveraging your voice and data spend.

Learn more about how your business can benefit. Call me today at 608.516.8396.


Exciting News for the Agent Channel

One Communications announces the Co-Marketing Agent Web Portal

Now agents can quickly create and get true co-branded marketing collateral from One Communications.

This site is accessed through our Agent Portal and allows agents to add their company logo and personal contact information to a wide variety of marketing materials, including product information sheets and trade show materials.

Agents have the flexibility to order the marketing materials and quantity they need and pay easily with a credit card.

The goal of the portal is to provide agents with the materials and flexibility they need to successfully sell our products. The result, being a more consistent brand look and feel across all our channels which allows for more strategically aligned partnerships with increased productivity across the board.

Benefits of the Co-Marketing Web Portal Include:

· Stronger brand presence throughout the partner channel
· Unified messaging between One Communications and its partners
· Streamlined and more convenient way to select and order marketing materials that are useful
· Flexibility to deliver high-impact content when it is most needed

This is another example of the exciting tools we are building to help drive our commitment to continuously refine and improve our Agent Partner Program.


“I have worked with JR on a number of occasions over the past 7 years. I am in the voice/data cabling business and often times my customers will ask for recommendations for phone/internet providers. I have referred several of these customers to JR and he has always taken very good care of them. JR works very hard to find the right solutions to fit a customer's needs and then follows through with the best possible pricing. I would recommend JR to any of my customers that are evaluating their current service or looking for new phone/internet service.”
December 15, 2008
Kevin Judd
Vice President,
Integral Building Systems, Inc.