Telecom Recovery

On Track Communications and Telecom Recovery have partnered to give you the resource to provide your clients, big and small, the ability to have a completely automated telecom recovery system.

I just completed the training and the products, features and abilities of this service are incredible. For a small monthly fee, your clients can have a real-time, fully customizable, virtual PBX that can route calls to any source immediately.

The core capabilities of this service are for disaster recovery, but inherent to the service are conference calling, voice cast, text message notification and integrated voicemail with email.

If anyone has clients in the following industries: Healthcare, Banking, Financial, Call Centers, Insurance or any other companies where their inbound voice services are mission critical to their every day operations, please contact them for a demo of the service. A full meeting and demo takes less than 60 minutes.

Please call 608-516-8396 or email to let me know when we can schedule some appointments.