"Game Changers"

Some of the One Communications new products new offerings. They are truly “Game Changers”.

  • One Communications now has SIP available in 1.5Mb increments (48 concurrent calls on 1.5MB) up to 45MB.
  • One Communications now has standard MPLS pricing across their entire network and have the ability to sell this nationwide for off-net location in other states (CA, NV, etc. etc.)
  • One Communications also has a Converged offering for Integrated T-1’s starting with 1.5MB up to 45MB - For instance, 1.5MB MPLS circuit (including loop, port, Cisco IAD. CoS, etc.) is $370. A Bonded 3MB integrated circuit in Ohio is $720 including surcharges (pick any amount of voice channels and the data will burst to 3MB when voice is not in use).
  • SIP Trunks are $400 for 1.5MB (48 concurrent calls).
  • A New Converged T-1 is $400 (integrated with dynamic bandwidth) including surcharges. You can do 1 voice and 23 data bursting to 1.544MB or 12 and 12, or 23 and 1. You can also offer a PRI on this as well...for the same cost.