Important EarthLink 2014 Rate Increases


Dear Valued Client,
As we continue to upgrade the network and update certain products and services, we have experienced an increase in underlying costs associated with those specific products. EarthLink is initiating a rate increase that will be effective January 2014. We will be communicating via bill insert to all customers on December 1, 2013. Click here to view the insert.
On our customer's January 2014 invoice they will see a 5% increase in the monthly recurring charges for certain services and features in each of the following categories of service if applicable to the service package: data, internet, local and long distance voice service.
The Administrative Support Charges will increase as follows: 
Service/Product Type Administrative Support Charge Increase
POTS Lines (BBL, Basic, Advantage, PowerPath analog, Direct analog), Centrex and Direct Centrex, ISDN BRI, Analog Trunks, Integrated DSL, Flexible Integrated and Customizer with analog voiceFrom $1.18 to $2.36 per line
Netflex, Flexpath, PowerPath Digital Voice, Direct Digital Voice and Customizer Digital Voice, Integrated NetflexXtra and Customizer with digital voiceFrom $28.32 to $56.64 per circuit
ISDN PRI, PowerPath ISDN, Direct ISDN and Customizer with ISDN, Integrated PRI, Converged PRI Customizer with ISDN PRI, and Ultra T1From $5.90 to $11.80 per circuit


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