Internet Speed Testing...

Not surprisingly I get asked the same question after a client orders new high speed internet access. "Am I getting the speed ordered?"

Unfortunately this is tough to answer for a client when you not sitting with them in their office. But there is a simple way to test the new high speed connection.The first thing to remember is that all the internet carriers are only responsible for the internet speed to the modem, router or smart jack they provide. 80% of the time the question is asked is when a client gets a new DSL pipe. T1's and other "dedicated" internet pipes typically have higher quality equipment and networks so the new speed is noticeably better.

So, the first step is to connect either a laptop or desktop computer directly to the modem or router provided by the telco, bypassing all internal network components and visiting: test a few of the servers and record your internet speed. If the speed recorded is within 90% of the speed ordered, the product is working to expectations.

Second, reconnect your internal network components, return to your workstation and test the speed again. If you experience degradation in speed, there’s congestion in your internal network. This is where you’d call your local data vendor to check into your router, internal wiring, firewall, spyware, adware or other network components.

If the direct connect speed test does not test within specifications call the internet provider and open a trouble ticket for a speed test. The carrier will give you a trouble ticket number, then call us at On Track Communications 608-873-3838 and we’ll track and escalate the ticket and make sure the carrier gets back to you with the speed test results.

This is actually a quick and easy process to confirm if you are getting the speed ordered and allow you to diagnose any network issues immediately.

Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions or concerns.